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10 Must Have Baby Registry Items Every First Time Mom Needs

I have listed and linked the top 10 essential items for a first time mom. When I was pregnant I loved getting advice from moms because you honestly don't know what you need until you are a mom! Aside from the obvious diapers, wipes, burp cloths and swaddle blankets, these are items that either someone told me specifically to get or looking back (a year into motherhood) are items that I couldn't have lived without.

1. Snuggle Me Lounger- My baby loved this! It also gave me great assurance as a mom knowing that he wasn't going to roll over and suffocate. It actually helped me sleep better because I didn't have to check on his breathing every 5 seconds. This is also perfect for co-sleeping. * I will say that when your baby can roll over it would be a good time to take them out of the snuggle me

2. 4 Moms Portable Travel Playard - Best decision my husband and I made was going with 4 Moms over other brands. Literally so easy to set up - takes 30 seconds, if that! Definitely worth the price. It comes with a basinet and a diaper changing station which is nice! We kept ours in our room until our son was about 6 months.

3. Boppy Nursing Pillow - If you plan to nurse, this is 100% necessary. It helps you hold the baby comfortably without breaking your arms - even a 5 pound baby gets heavy after a while! When your baby gets a little older you can use this to prop them up and practice tummy time too.

4. Diaper Genie - I don’t care who says this isn’t necessary, this thing is amazing; you can hide the smell of like 30 diapers in here and take it out when its full!

5. Backpack Diaper Bag - Keeping your hands free is a must have! When I was pregnant a mom friend told me to get a backpack and it was the best advice I got haha! Go with a neutral color if you want your man to carry it when he's with you!

6. Baby Carrier - It's so nice to have your hands free AND they like to be snuggled up against you- it's a win win. There are many different styled carriers - I personally like the baby wrap and the Baby Bjorn carrier the best.

7. Rocking Chair - You will be spending most of your nights here so I would suggest getting a rocking chair that is very comfortable, not just pretty. One with comfortable arm rests, goes up high for you to rest your head, and one that reclines or get an ottoman or pouf!

8. Nursing Cover - If you plan to nurse this nursing cover is great! It can also be used as a car seat cover! I think every new mom has at least one stylish Milk Snob cover

9. Stroller and Car Seat (Chicco Bravo Travel System) - This is the one I have and has worked great. The stroller is super easy to fold up and the car seat has great reviews! There is no need to get a super fancy one; they all work the same. We have loved this stroller so far!

10. Baby Monitor

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