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Home Staging - Tips on Listing Your Home

A beautifully staged home is key when listing it on the market. The goal is to make your house feel like an inviting home while keeping it clean and decluttered. Having furniture arranged functionally will help potential buyers imagine themselves living there and moving their own furniture in. You want them to walk in and immediately fall in love with your home - this is help sell your house quickly.

I have included pictures from the listing of a coastal farmhouse I helped design initially - and later on helped stage. Here are a few helpful tips that you can use as a checklist before listing your home:

1. Clean and Repair

- Clean your house like you've never before. Clean the baseboards, dust the ceiling fans and everything in between!

- Repair anything that is broken; you want it to look like you took really good care of your house and everything is in working order.

2. Declutter

- Keep the entry way clean; remove shoes by the door, jackets and bags that may be hanging on any visible hooks. You want it to feel spacious and welcoming when buyers first walk in.

- Take most items off your kitchen counters, you can leave cutting boards, sugar and cookie jars and a plant.

- Utilize bins and baskets to hide your items, especially in built-ins.

3. De-Personalize

- Take family pictures off the walls and shelves.

- If you have pets; get rid of dog beds, food and water bowls for pictures and showings. You don't want buyers looking for pet stains or smells.

- If you have kids; remove high chairs, toys, baby rockers, artwork on refrigerator. Place their toys and books neatly in their rooms. This will keep your main living spaces clean and free of clutter.

4. Interior and Exterior Design

- Paint walls a neutral color throughout the house. In this home, we picked Benjamin Moore - Pale Almond OC-2

- Plants and flowers are the best decor items. They can even be artificial!

- You really only need to keep 3-4 pieces of furniture in each room. For example, in a bedroom you only need a bed, two nightstands and a chair or a dresser. This will make the room look bigger. Get rid of any furniture that just takes up space. Less is more.

- Renovated kitchens and bathrooms are huge selling points, however, simply adding a backsplash in the kitchen or replacing outdated light fixtures will help the house look updated.

- Invest in a few new decorations that are in style! Farmhouse decor is totally in right now.

- Landscaping and curb appeal is huge!

- Paint and/or power wash the outside of your home if needed.

5. It’s all about the pictures

The pictures posted on the listing of your house are one of the biggest factors in getting it sold. If potential buyers are swooning over your house online, imagine how many showings will be getting lined up! The main tip is to take the pictures in the daylight on a sunny day so that your home looks light and airy. Believe me, even an outdated kitchen can look clean and nice with bright pictures.

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